Chemistry: Observation of Various Experiments

Topics: Sulfuric acid, Water, Laboratory equipment Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: October 12, 2011
In this experiment the aim was to get Copper Carbonate to react with Sulphuric Acid to get Copper Sulphate.

o5 Grams of Carbon Carbonate
oWeighing Boat, Spatula & Scales
o25 cm³ Sulphuric Acid
oTripod and Gauze
oBunsen burner, Splint and Matches
oFilter Funnel and Filter Paper
oConical Flask
oGlass Dish

oSulphuric Acid – Corrosive
oSafety Glasses and Lab Coats to be worn
oAny Spillage, dilute with water and clear IMMEDIATELY

oWeigh out approximately 5 grams of Copper Carbonate into a weighing boat. oMeasure out 25 cm³ of dilute Sulphuric Acid into a beaker and using a Bunsen burner heat on a tripod and gauze until it JUST starts to boil. Turn the Bunsen burner off. oAdd 1 spatula of Copper Carbonate to the Sulphuric Acid and leave it to react, this will give a clear blue solution. Keep adding further portions of Copper Carbonate, do this until there is no more effervescence (Fizzing/Bubbling). oPour the contents of the beaker into a filter funnel that has been lined with filter paper; rest this on top of a conical flask. oOnce the solution has finished filtering through, pour the liquid from the conical flask into the glass dish and leave to stand for a week.


oUse suction filtration to separate the crystals from any remaining liquid. oExamine the crystals using a magnifying glass. Sketch the shape of the crystals if you are able to see them clearly.

After a week the results were very evident. In the glass dish there were large deposits of vivid blue crystals that were irregular in shape; this occurrence was due to the solution cooling rapidly, probably because the dish was very close to the window and the weather was warm on the day that the experiment was carried out. These blue crystals were Copper Sulphate.
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