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Topics: Witness, The Usual Suspects, Circumstantial evidence Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: October 4, 2013
Chapter 10 project
Activity 1)
Investigators can use such evidence to disprove the suspects alibi. The witness was reported to have been seen near the area in the car at about 10:15 while the witness also claims that he was at home on the phone at 10:00 pm. This can be proven impossible since it would take at least 30 minutes for one to get to the suspect’s house as well that one cannot be in two places at once. More compelling evidence would also be that the car’s engine shouldn’t be hot after the suspects alleged 60 minute time period between when the suspect was driving the car and at home.

Activity 2)

Activity 3)

Activity 4)

This information tells us that the vehicle stopped running approximately 17 minutes ago by finding the constant k value, the vehicle would have only had this amount of time to cool down after being run.


Investigation Report

The suspect’s alibi was stated that he arrived home at approximately 10:00 and then had a telephone conversation until 10:20; his location previous to his arrival time was at a friend’s house who agrees with this statement. His alibi can be proven untruthful with the given evidence. Eye witnesses at the crime scene had seen the suspect in his vehicle at approximately 10:15 (during the crime). Investigators realized that it would take one 30 minutes to travel from the crime scene to the suspects home. When investigators arrived at his house at approximately 11:00 they took temperature readings of his engine and then additional temperature readings 10 minutes later. The initial temperature reading was at 150 and the second was at 130, usual running temperature for this vehicle is at 200. Through mathematics we found that the if the suspects alibi was true the vehicles temperature should have been at 93 not 150 when investigators arrived there. Through additional mathematics the vehicle was found to be stopped running about 17 minutes before...
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