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Topics: IEEE 802.11, Wireless networking, Wireless LAN Pages: 7 (1457 words) Published: May 30, 2013
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1. Fill in IEEE 802.11 B, 802.11 G, 802.11 A, or 802.11 and in the blank to match the description. 802.11b Specifies data rates of 1, 2, 5.5, in 11 Mbps do two different sized spreading sequences specified in the DSSS modulation technique. 802.11g Uses the 802.11 MAC, but with higher data rates in the 2.4 GHz ISN band by using the OFDM modulation technique. 802.11a Uses the 5.7 GHz band with less interference, but obstructions can affect performance and limit range. 802.11n Uses multiple radios in antenna at endpoints, each broadcasting on the same frequency to establish multiple streams. 2. Fill in the term for the wires networking device in the blank to match the description. Wireless NIC Encodes a data stream onto an RF signal using the configured modulation technique. Access point Connects multiple to wireless clients or stations to a wired LAN. Wireless router Connects to separated, isolated wired networks together. 3. At which layer of the OSI model do wireless access points operate? a. Physical

b. data link
c. network
d. application
4. Which two steps are required for a wireless client to associate with an access point? e. IP addressing
f. wireless address translation
g. wireless client authentication
h. channel identification
i. wireless client Association
5. Which three WLAN client authentication types require a preprogrammed network key to be set on the client? j. Open with data encryption disabled
k. shared with data encryption algorithm WEP
l. WPA with data encryption algorithm TK IP
m. WPA – PSK with data encryption algorithm TK IP
n. WPA 2 – PSK with data encryption algorithm AES
6. Which two items contribute to the security of a WLAN?
o. WPA 2
p. use of multiple channels
q. hiding the SS ID
r. open authentication
s. AES
7. Which term is used for products that are tested to be an operable in both PSK and 802.1x E AP operation for authentication? t. Personal mode
u. WPA two compatible
v. R ADI US authenticated
w. enterprise mode
x. pre-shared key authenticated
8. To help ensure a secure wireless network, most enterprise network should follow which IEEE standard? y. 802.11 a
z. 802.11 B
{. 802.11 C
|. 802.11 I
9. The authentication and encryption menu options are displayed. Which wireless settings provide the highest level of security? }. Open
~. shared
10. Which two combinations of 802.11 B RF channels would allow to wireless APs to operate simultaneously in the same room with no channel overlap? . Channels 10 and a 6
. channels 9 and 6
. channels 8 and 5
. channels 7 and 2
. channels 6 and 2
. channels 6 and 11
11. Why do cordless devices, such as cordless telephones, sometimes interfere with wireless access points? . These devices operate as similar frequencies.
. These devices operate at the same frequencies and have higher RF power settings. . These devices flood the entire frequency spectrum of low powered noise, which may cause less of signal for wireless devices trying to connect with an access point. . The signal from the cordless device is not polarized and combines with the access point polarized signal, thus reducing the old overall signal strength. 12. What is the recommended overlap between the two wireless access points to provide proper connectivity for users? . 5 to 10%

. 10 to 15%
. 15 to 20%
. 20 to 25%
13. Fill in the authentication method in the blank that matches the encryption algorithm or security protocol listed. Open Disabled
14. Which W LA and client settings would be reviewed to resolve problems accessing the network? . Wireless mode (802.11 A,...
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