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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function: Result Cheat Code
List all commands help
God mode tgm
Increase level advancepclevel
Increase level of indicated skill by one player.incpcs [skill name] All spells psb
Add indicated Dragon's Souls player.modav dragonsouls [number] Add indicated perk player.addperk [id number]
Add indicated spell player.addspell [id number]
Add indicated item player.additem [id number]
Add indicated amount of goldplayer.additem 0000000f [number] Add indicated number of lockpicksplayer.additem 0000000a [number] Set player level player.setlevel [number]
Set skill level advancepcskill [skill name] [number]
Set health player.setav health [number]
Set magicka player.setav magicka [number]
Set stamina player.setav stamina [number]
Set fatigue player.setav fatigue [number]
Set burden player.modav burden [number]
Set carry weight player.modav carryweight [number]
Set character's fame setpcfame
Set character's infamy setpcinfamy
Set ownership of target; allows you to take it without stealing setownership Set to high value to fight; "0" to be freeplayer.setcrimegold [number] Set player scale; "1" is default player.setscale [number]

Set field of view fov [number]
Unlock Arvak the Skeleton Horse ("Dawnguard" DLC) player.addspell 0200C600 Unlock selected locked door or containerunlock
Lock selected door or container with indicated lock levellock [1-100] Advance indicated skill advskill [skill] [number]
Complete all quest stages caqs
Duplicate items; click container or NPC, and copy the RefID duplicateallitems Kill selected enemy kill
Kill all nearby enemies killall
Fast travel to indicated location coc [location]
Teleport to quest target movetoqt
Increase movement speed by indicated percentage player.setav speedmult [number] Add item...
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