Chasing the Red White and Blue Book Report

Topics: United States, Sociology, Economic inequality Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Carlos Ortiz

Mrs. McCann

A.P Government and Politics

19 September 2012

Chasing the Red White and Blue Book Report
Chasing The Red White and Blue by David Cohen was a fascinating journey by Cohen himself. Cohen decided to retrace Tocqueville's footsteps on roughly the same route to see what of Alexis de Tocqueville did back in 1831. Cohen went through the same course of the Frenchmen from New York to Flint, Michigan, down the Ohio Valley, through the Old south and finally to Washington, DC. Trying to find out what remains of the “American Dream” in which Alexis de Tocqueville described. This book's central message comes from the citizens' viewpoints of the “American Dream”.

Chasing the Red, White, and Blue is an omnipotent observation of the lives of Americans in modern society. The author, David Cohen, followed the footsteps of Alex De Tocqueville, to explore if Tocqueville major aggregation “equality of opportunity “pursuit of wealth” still exist modern-day American society. Cohen also wanted to figure out what had changed over the years. He found out such thoughts as freedom and liberty remain as the national character of the United States. However, “equality” and “American Dream” which were the main characteristics of America in Tocqueville eyes was indirect or mistaken. Cohen explains this concept in the book, “ What you see depends on the angle in which you look” (Cohen 3) To Further explain, Tocqueville essentially only met white male upper class Americans, Cohen interrogated every American in society including bus drivers, preachers, Washington lobbyists, high-powered real estate brokers, and illegal immigrants. He saw the widening economic gap between the rich and the poor in American society in which minimum wage workers cannot even support themselves. “If you don’t have money, you are none and nobody will care about you,” (Cohen 43) this text of the passage explains how poor Americans are viewed upon throughout the book.

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