Charleston Dance

Topics: Dance, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Charleston Nicky Tran
The Charleston is about a group of men and women dancing together, the dance could be done by yourself, with a partner, or in a group. The movement is very active and fun. It is originally developed by The African American Slaves. The dance then became re-created with a few changes in the moves it became really popular in the 1920s. The woman’s in their 20s use to love dancing the Charleston. They would wear clothes that the elderly think it’s shock.

The GLEFTs dancers use in Charleston is locomotion, turning, elevation and gesture. Physical Skills dancers use in Charleston is co-ordination, stamina and control. this is a link to a video of the Charleston dance. This dance has a lot of swinging arms and the fast movement of the feet. One first moves the right foot back one step and then kicks backwards with the left foot while the right arm moves forward Then both feet and arms are replaced to the start position and the right foot kicks forwards while the right arm moves backwards. This is done with a hop in between steps.

* Kicking legs and swinging arms
* Hoping
* Move left, right
* Move forward, backwards

The Charleston dance was developed and created dance created in 1920s. The dance was originally started by the African American communities. The dance became very popular in the 1923 after the musical Running Wild appeared on radio. The American Africans were slaves for the white people. They were forced to work for the white people. The only way they could have fun was dance. The reason why the Charleston was created because the white people were amazed by their dance moves. So they re-create it, they changed the moves and there it was, the Charleston. The Charleston is a dance named by the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

This dance influenced many people. Especially woman’s in their 20s. The woman would wear short...
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