Charles Spurgeon

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Arvin D. Medlock
PLED 350 BO2
Book Report on Lectures for My Students
Charles Spurgeon

In chapter one of “Lectures To My Students” Spurgeon is debating the point that men seeking to become ministers must first be saved. His emphasis in this chapter that men need to be examine by themselves to ensure that they belong to Christ and are one of his children. He also points outs that all ministers preacher or pastor must first be a example to what they are preaching. They must practice what they preach. When you look at chapter 3 Spurgeon points out that a pastor must be a man who stays in constant prayer daily. He ought to pray more than the people he is leading. He further argues that a devoted prayer life will empower the pastor's sermons as well as their delivery. The pastor that does not pray over his work because it shows his arrogance, for he elevates his thoughts without seeing the need to appeal to God, but his prayer should be that of one who seeking and searching for something to say to the people because he realizes that its not him who speaks to the people but God who uses him as a willing vessel to speak to his own people. Chapter 4 examines how as pastors along with our congregation should pray in front of other people. Spurgeon believes that we should pray with our hearts and from our hearts and not pray from a written script. God alone must be the object, and Scripture must be quoted accurately. Spurgeon finishes this chapter offering practical advice for the length, current, etc. of public prayers. In chapter 5 Spurgeon explains what a sermon should have in its contents. He points out that they should be made up of solid doctrine and be well throughout. The doctrine should coincide with biblical text itself, while all ways revealing the gospel. Most importantly pastors must seek to grow within their spiritual knowledge, having better understanding the truth, so they can effectively grow, encourage, empower and motivate the saints physically, mentally and spiritually grow. In chapter 6 Spurgeon talks about biblical and practical advice for choosing a particular scripture to preach. As preacher sent from God we must not randomly choose or pick scriptures out our self because often times when we do that we take it out of content, but the pastor must pray and ask God to show him the scripture that he wants the people to be informed about. As pastors we have to understand God the Holy Spirit will reveal to us what he desires his people to hear. In chapter 7 Spurgeon tells us pastors to spiritualize biblical texts. He gives various examples of too much spiritualizing and too little spiritualizing there should be a equal balance in the text for be to be able implement it in there life’s. In chapter 12 Spurgeon reveals to us the way and the importance of how we should live and socialize with our congregation or church. He tells of being real because some of us try and be to proper, instead of just being a common man when the people are around you. He must be sociable, happy, not dominating the conversations which means we must be willing to listen and seek to accomplish some good through the social interactions with people. Spurgeon concludes this section encouraging pastors to never seek the fame or fortune, nor argue but to be sure to stick by what you believe in regardless of his company. Chapter 15 Spurgeon encourages Pastors to continue in the things of Christ such as holiness, in growth, and in grace and mercy. As pastors we must gain biblical knowledge and sharpen our homiletic abilities along with our moral character, qualities, spiritual qualifications, work ethic, and missionary endeavors. In general he was telling us to move forward in Christ name. Last but not least in chapter 21 Spurgeon puts in details the most important quality that a ministers must have in order to win souls for Christ: he have sincerity, must be alert, always solemn and excellent in their deliverance of the...
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