Charles Manson Research

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Charles was an unplanned child born to a sixteen year old mother, Kathleen Maddox. Kathleen was an alcoholic and a prostitute, who often left her son with his aunt because she couldn't handle him. When his mother went to jail for auto theft, Charles went to live with his very religious aunt and uncle. He found it hard to live under their strict rules after being under the freedom of his mother, and spent a lot of time in boy’s homes and detention centers because of it. Manson was due for parole, but was instead sent to the Federal Reformatory when he was found copulating another boy with a knife to his neck. He was paroled again at age nineteen and married a waitress who gave him a son. But soon after his release, he began a career as a pimp. His next crime after being release was to con a young girl out of her money and drug-rape her roommate. Charles served time in a penitentiary for this crime, and was released in 1967. After being released, he went to San Francisco and met up with a group of hippies who later became a musical group known as the "Manson Family." Charles believed that blacks were going to rise against whites and overthrow whites. This belief caused Charles to hide his family in in the desert so they could avoid the violence. He told his followers, who were mainly girls with disturbed backgrounds, that they could reach a paradise by going to a cave underneath Death Valley where they could stay until the blacks abandoned their power. He estimated that by the time that happened, his “family” would have grown to 144,000. He preached that they would all return to Earth and when they did, he (who was in his mind, and the mind of his followers, Jesus Christ) would lead them as the fifth angel and the other four angels would be the Beatles. When race riots began, Manson said blacks needed to be taught to kill because they were too stupid to figure it out themselves. Charles Manson and his followers killed five adults including...
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