Charles Manson

Topics: Murder, Serial killer, Charles Manson Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Charles Manson was considered one of the most notorious serial killers in America. He became famous when actress Sharon Tate, a famous icon, was murdered in Terry melcher’s rented home.He ordered the murders of several people by manipulating his “Family” into killing them. He created a cult in which he said blacks would try and kill all of the whites, and the only way that they could save themselves was by hiding in an underground city of gold located in the center of death valley. He said all of these things, but he still wasn’t the most deserving of his serial killer title.

Charles Manson had a troubled childhood, but even though people say that a child acts the way they are raised, but he had complete control of what he wanted to do in life. Being arrested and sent to jail many times wasn’t good for his character until he met Karpis in prison. Alvin “kreepy” Karpis was a natural at playing the steel guitar. He proceeded to teach Manson, and soon Manson was practicing his voice and playing his guitar. This influenced Manson’s want to become a famous musician. He was not a bad man bent on killing, but he was a man with a dream just like anyone.

Manson didn’t suffer from any mental illnesses. He abused many drugs and it caused some problems for him, but he had no serious mental illnesses. Manson did really have some insane ideas though. Manson somehow manipulated his cult group, called “The Family” into believing that the blacks were going to rise up and kill the whites. Manson’s only motive was hatred, a hatred for a man named Terry Melcher, whom Manson sought out in order to help with his music career. Although, when Melcher denied Manson, Manson tried to kill Terry. Manson acted out of hate, while other murderers, such as Richard Chase, had mental illnesses. Manson’s Family were the ones who performed the act of killing Sharon Tate, which means he didn’t actually kill anyone. Most highly acclaimed serial murderers actually killed their subjects, but all...
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