Charity Work

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2.0 Findings

3.1 Finding from secondary sources

The research was conducted to find out the two organisation aims and achievements.

3.2.1 Salvation Army Mission and goals of Salvation army

Salvation Army moved by sympathy and example of Jesus Christ, international Emergency Services section of Salvation Army has the mission to provide support and training and resources to unable ones to fulfil its main objectives which are to develop the Christian religion, provision of education, reduction of poverty, and other charitable help beneficial to the community or society as a whole without discrimination. Achievements of Salvation Army

The Salvation Army group have been successful in different areas around the world. For example, SA has been successful in the role of supporting partner in mission described as fundraising campaign to provide all the necessary money available to carry out The Salvation Army objectives worldwide. The Army continues to use these funds to give hope to those countries suffering from poverty, illness and natural disaster. These are countries where by much of its population lives a day with less than $2 a day. The Partners in Mission involves all Salvation Army commands and territories where financial help and prayers are granted. There are five territories which have received financial help and prayers involving the Canada and Bermuda territory which is partnered with Germany and Lithuania, Latin America North, Liberia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. These territories helps to provide needs in many other countries worldwide while Salvation Army has the special role to support these territories financially and prayerfully. These territories raise money during Partners in Mission to provide the necessary funding needed for the Army in each of these countries. The fund raised is used to raise infrastructure in a country so that the society can focus on special human needs and concerns which are health, clean water, education, income generation or human trafficking matters. Benefits of salvation army Challenges of salvation army

3.2.2 Wildlife Conservation Society Mission and goals of Wildlife Conservation Society

The goals of Wildlife Conservation Society are to educate people and conserve the earth for the future Generation. These are goals set by WCS to tackle different challenges around the world such as, climate change, increase exploitation of natural resources by local society, the rise of wildlife diseases, development and advancement of industries in order to save wildlife beneficial for long term protection. Achievements of Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society has been successfully in different regions in the world. Firstly, From October 2008 to September 2009 WCS in Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda landscape the following indicators and outputs shows clear progress made by WCS through USAID funding in these regions. The survey on wildlife, livestock and human daily activities was made successfully in protected regions of Southern Sudan. Provision of education to people to increase public awareness about conserving the earth and the natural resources in border region in Southern Sudan was also progressed by the means of films and radio. GPS tracking of elephant and other species was also created. WCS also managed to increase staffs presence in area which suffered conflicts to promote peace and increase security to protect local families because peace brings environmental...
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