Characteristics of Public Administration

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Principles of Public Administration

1.0 Introduction.
This article discusses how have principles of public administration been applied to positively advance each of the following fields: education, transportation, health care, community development, law enforcement, and environmental policy. Also, the article hypothesizes what would become of the aforementioned services in the absence of a public administration system. The means by which public administration achieves its goals and the responsibilities vested on it are solely dependant on tactical principles and practices utilized to execute them. In order for the public administrators to achieve the set targets they must adhere to a set of orchestrated instruments or regulations by the government of the day so that they don’t deviate from the initial intended objectives. The public sector plays crucial roles in ensuring that the general populace is well tended to and that their individual rights are respected. The administrators of public policies are governors who are as well governed through established government principles, to ensure that they don’t compromise quality of vital aspects of public requirements. Policies implemented by the government to public administrators as devices though which the public sector is ale to reach out to the people. Principles codify value system that is intrinsically part of governments, social, political and legal arena. Through codified public policies governors adhere to the governing principles, upon which the responsibilities ascribed to the public governance are succinctly met.

2.0 Defining Public Administration.
Public Administration is the development, implementation and study of branches of government policy linked to pursuing the public good by enhancing civil society and social justice. In the past public administration was synonymous to government management, however, with increased vigor in participation of private sector into public matters some NGO’S committed to serve the public have joined the public sector. Public administration has gained credibility over time owing to change in governance and management process. Moreover, due to the sensitivity of the activities carried out by Public administrators and the participation of private sector change in quality of the services offered by the government became inevitable. The public servants attain knowledge and skills of executing duties in a program through trained policy analysts who are thoroughly founded with the background information on how to manage the public resources. Through public servants, interests of the general public are served in a satisfactory cost-effective manner the public servants are mandated to oversee each implemented activity on daily.

Generally, public administration gears its efforts towards understanding public entities and how they interrelate with others and the immediate world. Organizations that work under public administration are organized and managed to realize deliberately structured goals in the near future. Through public policy programs the government responds to the needs and interests of the Nation through satisfying them with the available resources .

3.0 Principles of Public Administration.
Public administration is a complex process, it involves social, economical, legal and political matters al interwoven together. Due to the complexity of its nature, management and regulation of the public sector becomes a hurdle. In order for the public administration to be well regulated and governed bracket laws had to be implemented to cover all spheres and aspects of the sector. A unifying common law to govern public sector has been a very controversial issue in the U.S, this could be accrued to the governors’ reluctance to be restricted by statutes which could tether the added advantages associated with the public sector. With time however, due to emerge of democratic tendencies elements that initiate good management and...
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