Character Relationships with Celie-from “the Color Purple”

Topics: The Color Purple, Steven Spielberg, Alice Walker Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Character Relationships with Celie-from “The Color Purple”
Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” is a riveting, controversial novel about a woman named Celie, other African-Americans and the relationships between them that are either tested or brought closer together. Celie, a former slave, narrates this novel through her writing of letters to a person she loves and trusts the most, God. In these letters: Nettie, Albert and Shug are three dominant characters that surround and transform Celie’s life with the progression of each relationship. Those relationships “developed gradually throughout the novel and their actions all seem to be intertwined and what happens to one to one of them effects one if not both of the other two.” (

At the initial beginning of the novel Celie and her sister Nettie are not only joined-at-the-hip sisters but Nettie is truly the only person that Celie trusts and loves besides God. However, a sudden arranged marriage for Celie occurs to a man named Mr. ________, later named Albert. A short time after Celie is married, Nettie comes for a visit and begins teaching her sister how to read and write. They start this ritual so they can later write letters to each other. Before Albert was wed to Celie, he had intended on marrying Nettie, but her father, in greed, kept Nettie all to himself. So, the perverse Albert didn’t mind Nettie’s stay at all because that was just a reason to see her and maybe try an advancement toward her. Later on one evening, Nettie converses to Celie suggesting that she should leave Albert. Having overheard their late night conversation, Albert kicks Nettie out of his house, leaving Celie abandoned and open to the continual abuse from Albert. Yet Nettie’s promise to keep contact by letter gave Celie hope. However, Albert’s sick and crude obsession with Nettie gets in the way, ceasing the passing of her letters to Celie. Therefore, she is left wondering of her lovely sister’s status and well being. Some...
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