Character of Dr.Faustus

Topics: Sin, God, Hell Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Character Sketch of Doctor Faustus :

Introduction :
Aritstotle approved a great importance to Dr.Faustus and approved as a hero.This excellent Faustus damned by accident or decided by God. He is frightened by the devil and has been ordered not to repent. When he really repented Faustus is an individual. He, the young extremist, eager, buyont with brilliance energetic investigate his mind. Faustus is a chaos of willpower and helpless. There is a fundamental instability in him. Faustus’ Sin is ‘Pride’ :

In order to study the art of magic, Faustus discussed two world-famous magicians named Valdes and Cornelius. But before his consultation his conscience advices him to read the scriptures and not to study necromancy, because magic is damned art, which degrades the soul of man. But the evil curiously tempts Faustus to study magic. Faustus studied the art of magic successfully the first experiment the result of Mephistophilis the attendance spirits of devil appears to do biddings. Mephistophilis tells Faustus that before he commands the spirits of various elements of nature he must give up the scriptures, Jesus Christ and God. Faustus assures Mephistophilis he has already done so and completely surrendered in the hands of devil. Further he says that if he can get freedom of Knowledge and Power for twenty five years then only he is prepared to surrender his soul to Devil. Before he signs the contract the noble voice of conscience advices him to give up the art magic. When Faustus stabs his arm in order to get some blood to write the bond his blood seems freeze. This signifies that Faustus is not fully evil there is some touch of good in him, he is not completely fallen. Faustus notices in his arms the words to “fly away”. This is a warning to Faustus. Faustus got slightly upset...
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