Character Analysis: Catherine in "Proof"

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Character Analysis
Catherine in “Proof”

1.a) Act I: Scene One
“I feel old.” –pg. 6. True, her dad at his intellectual peak was twenty-two. “I’m not alone.” False, she is alone, she’s talking to a ghost. “Because in order for your friends to take you out you generally have to have friends.” –pg 7. True, she doesn’t have any friends. “Well now I’ve forgotten.” –pg 8. False, she wants to forget. “I haven’t been lazy. I’ve been taking care of you.” True. “I’ve lost a few days.” True, more than a few.

“I haven’t done anything good.” –pg 9. True, not yet. “I’m not.” –pg 11. False, she is asking indirectly. “I’M not crazy.” –pg 14. False, she doesn’t know. “…I’m glad he’s dead.” –pg 17. True in a way. False in a way. “I’m fine.” –pg 18. False, she says it to convince herself. “I’m PARANOID?” True, she doesn’t think she is.

Scene Two:
“I’m feeling okay, Claire, stop saying that.” –pg 22. False. “Physically? Great. Except my hair seems kind of unhealthy, I wish there were something I could do about that.” –pg 24. False, she’s mocking Claire. “I thought the house was being robbed.” True.

“No. I changed my mind.” True.
“I didn’t really want them to come.” True.
“I was trying to get this guy out of the house.” True. “I was waiting for him to finish and last night I thought he might have been stealing them.” –pg 25. True.
“YES. So I told him to go.” True.
“Yes. That’s why I called the police.” True.
“I let him go so he could play with his band on the north side.” True. “He wanted me to come with him but I was like Yeah, right.” True. “No! ... What? Euughh! No! He’s a math geek!” True, they are not involved. “How should I know.” True, she doesn’t know the name. “No. I don’t know.” True.

“I was here ALONE—“ –pg 26. True.
“We weren’t ‘partying’!” True.
“With no one.” True.
“Oh I don’t remember.” Probably false.
“I might have pushed him a little.” –pg 27. Probably false, she might have pushed him a little harder than what she is admitting to. “Yes but I didn’t actually WANT them to come.” True. “Yes, I told you, I’ll come in January.” True, she was planning on it. “I don’t want to.” True.

“Thanks, I’m okay here.” False, she’s not “okay”. “The ‘fun’ thing is really not where my focus is at the moment.” True. “I don’t need a safe place and I don’t want to have any fun! I’m perfectly fine here.” False.

“I was FINE till you got here.” –pg 28. False.
“I really don’t need this Claire. I’m fine, you know, I’m totally fine… I mean it really pisses me off so just SAVE IT.” False, she is not “fine”. True, Claire pisses her off.
“I’m okay.” –pg 29. False.
“I’m okay.” False
“I was surprised.” –pg 30. True.
“I memorized it…” True, she just recited it.
“I’m sorry about yesterday. I wasn’t helpful.” –pg 31. True. “I was awful.” True.
“I’m just guessing.” –pg 32. True.
“I love it.” –pg 36. True, now she does.
“I live here.” –pg 37. True.
“I’m just not sure what I want to do … I do feel a little confused. I’m tired. … I think I’d like to take some time to figure things out.” True. “I LIVE HERE.” True.
“I can’t believe this.” –pg 38. True.
“I was HERE. I lived with him ALONE.” True.
“I was right to keep him here.” True.
“I’m smarter than you.” –pg 40. True.
“I didn’t find it. I wrote it.” –pg 41. True.

Act II: Scene One
“I’m going to school.” –pg 43. True.
“I’m gonna start at Northwestern at the end of the month.” True. “They’re giving me a free ride, Dad.” –pg 44. True. “I’ll be all right.” Maybe true.
“Look I don’t know if this is a good idea. I don’t know if I can handle the...
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