Character Analyses of the Power of One

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Charles Comerate
Mr. Hoover
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13 May 2012
Character analyses of The Power of One
In the novel The Power of One Peekay is a very dramatic character. In this story Peekay is the protagonist; he also has many people around him that help him get through his life. The two most important ones are Doc, a German pianist who teaches Peekay the piano and about science. The other is Peekay’s friend Morrie, a Jewish kid who is going to the same prep school as Peekay and the same college. Together, Peekay and Morrie make their time at school worth it by making money in many of Morrie’s scams and bets. There is one other person who is important to getting Peekay started on his journey to become the Welterweight champion of the world and to find the power of one and that is Hoppie, he is the train conductor on the train that takes Peekay from his boarding school to his grandpas house in the city. During their trip together Hoppie teaches Peekay a phrase that becomes his mantra for the rest of his life and that is “first with the head then with the heart”.

Peekay displays many positive traits throughout the novel. He is very loving to his family and friends. He also never lets the odds stop him from succeeding and meeting his goals this also lead him into some trouble but it is never too much for him to handle. For example in the end of the book he is faced with his childhood enemy and is forced to fight him and even though the “Judge” is two to three times bigger than Peekay, he does not allow that to make him afraid and he is able to overcome his enemy. The thing that gives Peekay the most trouble is his need to make everyone around him, whether it is a friend, a family member, or even one of the Africans that think he is a great chief, happy and proud. He also wants to make it possible for them to live their dreams through him. The only other trait that leads Peekay into trouble is his need to be independent of any and every one. An example of this trouble is...
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