Chapter 7 Question 1 of the American Pageant Ap Us History Book

Topics: United States, Stamp Act 1765, American Revolution Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 15, 2012
History Essay
Chapter 7
Question 1: Explain the deeply rooted historical factors that moved America toward independence from Britain.
In a way, Americas Revolution started when the colonist set foot in America; and the triggering of it happening was time. The war may have lasted for eight years (1775-1783) however, a sense of an independent country had already begun to develop because London was 3000 miles away. Sailing across the Atlantic in a ship would take about 7 weeks. Survivors from the war felt physically and spiritually separated from Europe. Colonists in America, without influence from superiors, felt that they were fundamentally differnet from England, and more independent. Many began to think of themselvesas Americans.

Although, why was it that the colonist felt so independent from Britain, and why did the Colonists rebel, and fight for independence. It starts with little things, which turn out to be big important decisive things. Like the 1650 Navigation Law loosely enforced, which restricted commerce from the colonies to England (and back) to only England ships, and no other. Other of those laws stated that European goods consigned to America had to land first in England, where custom duties would be collected. Also, some products could only be sent to England, and no other country. Obviously, this upseted the colonists, it was not fair for them, even being as far as 3000 miles.

Various acts also influenced the colonists to fight for their freedom. Like the Sugar Act of 1764, which increased duty on foreign sugar imported from the West Indies; after numerous protests from spoiled Americans, the duties were reduced. Also, the Quartering Act of 1765, it required certain colonies to provide food and quarters for British troops. Another Act… the Stamp Act mandated the use of stamped paper of the affixing of stamps, certifying payment of tax, and well stamps were required on bills of sale for about 50 trade items as well as on certain types of...
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