Chapter 4, Linux Questions

Topics: Graphical user interface, Window manager, Drag-and-drop Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1. The system displays the following message when you attempt to log in with an incorrect username or an incorrect password: Login incorrect
a.This message does not indicate whether your username, your password, or both are invalid. Why does it not reveal this information? Answer: It is a strategy meant to discourage unauthorized people from guessing names and passwords to gain access to the system. b.Why does the system wait for a couple of seconds to respond after you supply an incorrect username or password? Answer: To help stop a brute force attack from cracking the system security features. 2. Give three examples of poor password choices. What is wrong with each? Doctor4 = word in the dictionary can be easily found and cracked bluejay = does not contain a number or a capitalized letter Hot4 = is too short

3. Is fido an acceptable password? Give several reasons why or why not. Answer: No, a password needs to be at least 8 characters with at least one number so it will not be easily guessed. 4. What is a context menu? How does a context menu differ from other menus? Answer: It is a menu with choices that apply to the window or icon you click on It is specific to what you previously right clicked on – like an extension of the previous page with more options. 5. What appears when you right click the root window? How can you use this object? Answer: Displays the desktop menu. Enables you to create a folder, launcher, or document. 6. How would you swap the effects of the right and left buttons on a mouse? What is the drag-and-drop threshold? Answer: (Main menu: System>Preferences>Mouse) then specify the change of position between the right and left function. Specifies how far you must drag an object before the system considers the action apart of the drag and drop option. How would you change it? Change the characteristics in the Mouse Preferences window. 7. What are the primary functions of the Main menu?

Answer: It is to...
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