Chapter 3, Research Paper About Bottled Water

Topics: Drinking water, Water, Bottled water Pages: 7 (2256 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Bicol University
College of Arts and Letters
Legazpi City

A Research Paper
Presented To
BUCAL Faculty
in Partial Fulfillment of
the Requirements in
Writing in the Discipline

Jonathan A. Bermejo
Jose C. Canale Jr.

Chapter I

It is a fact that water is important for humans to survive. Our body needs water so it can function properly. According to World Health Organization, The safety and accessibility of drinking water are major concerns throughout the world. Consumption of water contaminated with infectious agents, toxic chemicals, and radiological hazards can pose serious health risk. As a result, water treatment and purification methods are now thought as of good practice to protect health and well-being. There has been a big change in the way filipino consume water over the last ten years. Whereas before they relied on safe drinking tap water, these days almost everyone has at one point would buy or consume bottled water. It is no wonder that business establishments selling filtered/purified water continue to rise. Still few questions linger. Do people percieve bottled water safer to drink than tap water? How happy are they to spend extra pesos for bottled drinking water? Furthermore, Do people see bottled drinking water as part of their daily drinking habbit?

This research will focus on the consumption pattern of bottled water in the hope of finding out if, aside from it’s pure health benefits, there are other underlying reasons in the purchase of bottled water. It will investigate how people percieve bottled water in terms of cost, health benefits and lifestyle.

Problem of the study
This study sought to determine the perception of BU Freshmen students towards the bottled drinking water. Specifically, the researchers wish to elicit answers to the following questions: In terms of health benefits, do people perceive bottled water safer to drink than tap water? What is the level of awareness of people of health benefits of various types of bottled water available in the market? In terms of lifestyle, do people’s consumption of bottled water differ as to whether they are in or outside their homes? In terms of cost, do price and product branding affect people’s choice of bottled water?

Scope and Delimitation
This study covers only the the Bicol University Freshmen students who consume bottled drinking water and tap water. Thus, the researchers delimits other level on the said university and other school and institutions.

Significance of the study
This study will bring benefits to the following:
The Students, for further information about the water that they certainly consume for life, and for “precausions”to their actions that they must possess. The Researchers, to arrive at the answers especially to know which is more safe source of drinking water. The Future Researchers, This will be a guide for them in making their own researches in line with the subject matter of the study. This will provide them pionters and ideas on how they can formulate pertinent problems and come up with a very challenging research that will incite fruitfull discoveries.

Chapter II
Drinking water is one of the necceseties of human being, infact it composes 80% of the huhman body. Thus, the researcher would like to to show the basic sources of drinking water its effects to human lifesytle and other literature and studies for a clearer sysnthesis and conclusion about the study. Definition of terms

The researcher likes to focus on the following definition of terms to make the research clear; Tap water (running water, city water, municipal water, etc.) is potable water supplied to a tap (valve) inside the household or workplace. It is a principal component of "outdoor plumbing”. ( Bottled water a drinking water (often spring water) that is put into bottles and offered for sale.(...
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