Chapter 11 Marketing Homework

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Homework 11
Retailers and wholesalers add value to the marketing system because they offer something that consumers want and not just in small stores but in big stores such as Costco and wal-mart. Retailing is good because it offers individuals a small amount of goods for their own personal use. Wholesale is good for companies and big families because it offers them with more product for a cheaper price. This can only benefit small and big business because they are offering goods to all consumers in all product areas. 2.

A contractual vertical marketing system is where firms at different levels of production and distribution work together to achieve greater economies or sales than they would on their own. These firms coordinate their strategies through contractual agreements in order to eliminate channel-conflict that may arise out of individual objectives. 3.

Retailers are searching for new marketing strategies to attract and hold customers. In the past, retailers attracted customers with unique products, more or better services than their competitors offered, or credit cards. Today, national-brand manufacturers, in their drive for volume, have placed their branded goods everywhere. Thus, stores offer more similar assortments—national brands are found not only in department stores but also in mass-merchandise and off-price discount stores. As a result, stores are looking more and more alike. Service differentiation among retailers has also eroded. Many department stores have trimmed their services, whereas discounters have increased theirs. Customers have become smarter and more price sensitive. They see no reason to pay more for identical brands, especially when service differences are shrinking. For all these reasons, many retailers today are rethinking their marketing strategies. With that said I would be I would be factoring in positioning and figuring out price, place, promotions and what services to provide. 4.

Mall: Malls typically are enclosed,...
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