Changing Society in Lasting, Constructive Ways

Topics: Nonviolence, Civil disobedience, Leadership Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Changing Society in Lasting, Constructive Ways
Change is inevitable. It has always happened and always will. However, making changes in society has never been easy. In order to change society in lasting and constructive ways, it requires charismatic leaders, a group of people that has faith and obeys the leader, and strategic plans.

Without charismatic leaders, changes in society might not be made. A leader is an important person because they are willing to stand out to direct and control people. Leaders require the characteristics of a hero. In the article, "Eve's Daughters," Polster (2001) writes that heroes have faith in themselves, and they can also convince other people that the habits and customs of the community can be changed. They are willing to be the catalysts even if they have to face opposition. They even consider the risk of death and injury to be less important than their purpose. Indeed, if no one was willing to take risks, we would not be able to live in such a highly developed society today (Smith, 2006). For example, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. for using nonviolent resistance to overcome injustice, for trying to end segregation laws, and now, there is no longer segregation in restaurants, on the buses, etc. Anything that happened must have started from one person, even if that is not the person who we can recognize today in our history books. Tollefson (1993) writes in his article "Is a Hero Nothing but a Sandwich?," that without a leader, changes in society might also happen but with slower rate and unclear vision. Leaders have determination, self-discipline, willpower, and nerve.  They set goals and have a vision of the future. Effective leaders envision what needs to be done, how to get it, and go after it.  However, leaders also need the community as much as the community needs them.

Making changes in society will never be achievable if no one has faith and obeys the leader. Not only leaders but people also need to...
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