Changing Behavior Case Analysis

Topics: Operant conditioning, Classical conditioning, Reward system Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Changing Behavior Case Analysis
Carlissa Tigue
Narketta Sparkman
Baker College
October 25, 2012

The client, Mrs Freeman has been a drinker for 15 years and she currently drinks a fifth of Vodka a day and a six pack of beer. She is the mother of three girls and three boys. She has developed health issues related to her long term drinking habit. Mrs. Freeman wants to quit drinking for her own health and the health of her children.

Classical conditioning could explain Mrs. Freeman’s drinking addition. Her drinking acted as an unconditioned stimulus. As she continued to drink, she craved for more drinks and then stronger drinks this becomes her unconditioned response. Over time social, environmental and psychological influences became the conditioned stimulus for Mrs. Freeman’s drinking habit. When Mrs. Freeman finds herself in certain situations that make her feel uncomfortable her conditioned response is to have a drink. An example of this would be that Mrs. Freeman finds having depending solely on herself stressful, so she has a drink or two or maybe three. Mrs Freeman knows that this is not the behavior she wants to continue but because of classical conditioning (Morris & Maisto, p. 153), she continues to drink whenever possible. The negative effects of her drinking are poor health for her and her children. The cost of buying liquid and beer on a regular bases are things Mrs.Freeman wants to stop. Mrs Freeman could use classical conditioning to learn to quit drinking. She also could go to AA meetings and get a sponsor. The meetings would be the unconditioned stimulus (Morris & Maisto, p. 154). Every time Mrs. Freeman wants a drink she could go to a meeting or call her sponsor. Mrs. Freeman should pay attention to things that upset her and led her to having a drink. She should continue to go to her AA meetings and talking to her sponsor. In time the continued behavior of going to AA and speaking with her sponsor would become her...
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