Change Management

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Impact of Change Management on Employee Morale and Performance Monica Kodithala (1010790)
University Canada West
High Level Design Document
Professor: Michele Vincenti
MBA 522- Research Project
January 26th 2013

Impact of Change Management on Employee Morale and Performance This research is conducted on impact on employee morale and performance in change implementation process which is an extension to previous studies conducted in telecommunication sector. This research study is conducted This research pertains to

Change Management i.e., how does management deals with change and Impact of strategic change on the employees, their morale and performance. Change is part of life. So is it to any business. Therefore the current study is not talking of day to day changes and adjustments. This study concerns on the strategic change methodology that would change the very nature of most of the employees who has normally been working in certain environment. (Bridges, 1991) The current study therefore emphasizes that organisations need to continuously be on alert on changes happening around them and concentrate on areas that can have serious impact on their operations. They must adapt to compelling changes in their strategies to remain in the market. Therefore it is not an unexpected fact that strategic change has a necessity to focus on employees in an organization. One example that is easy to comprehend is introduction of automation that invariably resulted in reduction in staff found in excess (Rose, K. H, 2002). “The ‘downsizing’ of employing organisations has become widespread. The experience of living with the possibility of redundancy, and watching others leave, has become part of the working experience of many. How can organisations hope to maintain staff morale in such circumstances?”(Kettley .P Report 291, Institute for Employment Studies, July 1995) Change Management at the Workplace

“Change can be a very distressing time for employees in the workplace, and must be managed correctly and delicately.” Ben Wakeling Every business at some point of time has to go through a period of strategic change especially during economic depressions. This will be varying in degrees from company to company, with some imposed with large upheavals on its employees leading to workforce retrenchments, salary reviews, relocation etc. (Gandolfi, F, 2005). While some others depend on their past experience prior to the economic instability that may only see minor changes. Definitions of keywords

Employee Morale: Employees who have a good working environment satisfying all their internal and external factors like positive atmosphere, job satisfaction, rapport with their colleagues boost their positive attitude increasing their morale at workplace. (Employee Morale, 2013) Strategic Change: It is a strategy designed to achieve new goal, mission and objectives of a company. For example a mobile designing industry had to continuously upgrade them to current technology in order to sustain in the market hence they have to adopt different strategies to achieve the target. (What is strategic change?, 2012) Employee Performance: The overall execution of assigned task can measure performance of an employee. The level of performance depends on the range of accuracy and outcome of a project. (Employee performance, 2013) Problem Statement

The research question is a precursor to this problem statement. The problem coming out of improper implementation of strategic change in this study is a perennial one affecting a company some time or other. Change is the only permanent thing happening in the otherwise ever changing world (Kaye, B. L, 1998). So let us consider the following statements, an attempt at stating the problem, so as to attempt at solving them. * How companies can be attentive for change management?

* How to find ways and means to counter any adverse impact on the employees, not affecting their morale and performance?...
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