Change in the Odyssey

Topics: Odyssey, Epic poetry, Homer Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Change in The Odyssey

The world changes every day. The governments, technology, medicine, the internet, etc. Why is that? It’s all because of people. The choices are all made by humans whether for better or worse, will predict the rest of the future. There are people that have a bigger influence, a greater power to make these choices like governments, unions, presidents, dictators, queens, and kings. In the epic poem “The Odyssey” a long lost King, Odysseus, has been changing these choices to regain power after his long treacherous voyage home from war. Odysseus is thinking more the first example of this is, (Homer The Odyssey, 16. 264-268) “Now, /so we could plan the slaughter of our foes./ Come, give me the full tally of these suitors-/ I must know their numbers, gauge their strength. / Then I’ll deploy this old tactician’s wits, / decide if two of us can take them on. /” (Homer The Odyssey, 16. 264-268).This shows how Odysseus is getting smarter. A step in changing is to create a clear agreement not just with others but with himself. Odysseus longs to regain his thrown and wife, he just wants his old life back. With these little changes and choices Odysseus makes will later lead him to success. A major change in Odysseus was his patience Homer stated “With that/ he seized the stool and hurled it-/ Square in the back it struck Odysseus, just under the right shoulder /but he stood up against it/…just shook his head,/ silent, his mind churning with thoughts of bloody work./ Back he went to the doorsill.”(17. 508-515). Here, Odysseus was disguised as a beggar. What is really tempting him is seeing how disloyal and rude the suitors (also maids) have gotten. Later in the story he shows no mercy when the suitors beg for forgiveness after Antinous is struck with an arrow. Odysseus’s tragic flaw in the past was his pride, now he’s able to control himself in a time of...
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