Change in Perspective - "Sky High"

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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Throughout life there will be many instances where a persons perspective is forced to change, whether it be brought about by maturity of time, the people we meet or the experiences in our life- good or bad. This is evident in Hannah Roberts’ story ‘Sky High’ which explores the transition from the innocence and imagination of childhood to an adult with less freedom and more responsibility and Eleanor Farjeon’s poem ‘It was long ago’, which captures an incident that occurred when the protagonist was around three years old. Roberts employs a range of language devices including 1st person narrative, colloquial language, metaphors, similes, hyperbole, low modality language and accumulation of imagery to illuminate this concept while Farjeon relies on the forms of poetry such as enjambment, onomatopoeia and the structure of the rhythm scheme to elucidate her protagonist’s change in perspective.

Time is a key element that results in the eventual ‘change in perspective’ this can be made visible through Farjeon’s poem “It was long ago”. The feature of past tense is effectively conveyed throughout the poem “It was long ago”. The composer utilizes this feature to implement the idea of the protagonist reminiscing on her pleasant childhood memories. This ultimately allows the responder to understand the life of the protagonist before her outlook on life altered. Life was simpler and was much more enjoyable for the protagonist. This is made evident through the uncomplicated structure of the poem; also the basic pronouns employed by the poet “grey” “red”; these pronouns are basic but have a deeper meaning they express the simplicities of ‘childhood’ and explore how a child perceives everything around them to be significant. The central character has grown and matured through time, it is made clear that everyday duties and responsibilities that have been thrust upon her has essentially developed her point of view on existence from a positive perception to a dull and...