Change Detection

Topics: Change blindness, Inattentional blindness, Attention Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Most people are unaware of the changes in their visual environments until attention is drawn directly to those minor changes. Individuals do not often detect changes because of the lack of attention or insignificance of the change. In order for an individual to notice a change like color, location and identity of an object, attention must somehow be drawn to that object. A general conclusion from this body of work is that attention is necessary for detecting change (Rensink et al., 1997). Being unable to detect a change in an object is called change blindness. Researchers seem to think that change blindness is the cause of many car accidents. Looking away from a road then looking back is a change that is very difficult to perceive which results in quite a few car accidents. Method

In this experiment two pictures were represented in modification for each trial. On half of the trials the two pictures were alike but in the other half the pictures changed in some way. For each pair either the pictures appeared instantly after each other or they flickered. The participants in this study consist of a psychology class in the College of Staten Island. In order to start this experiment, students were asked to sign in to their CogLab accounts. To start the first trial of the change detection experiment, participants were required to press the space bar. One picture will appear after the other. The task in this experiment is to detect whether or not there is a change in the two pictures. If the image changes students press the “c” key but if the image doesn’t change students press the “n” key. This test measures our reaction time as well as our ability to detect changes in the pictures. The independent variable in this experiment is was the flicker and no flicker conditions. Two dependent variables were measured which were reaction time and proportion of correct judgments. Reaction time was the time between the appearance of the stimuli and the time that it...
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