Chang Dental

Topics: Balance sheet, Expense, Income statement Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Chang Dental Case Analysis

When Miller considered Chang’s Clinic to be an opportunity, he desired to research the ability in obtain a loan so he could pursue the American dream. It is loyalty that keeps the dental business alive and growing and Despite Miller being the new guy telling clients to say ah, he anticipated he would grow substantially (50% of 04-05) within the first year. After reading this assumption it immediately told me he’s confident in obtaining the loyalty of Chang’s clients. I’m not a dentist, but I assumed this loyalty was imperative to survival and makes this business profitable. After reviewing the income statement and balance sheet provided, that was determined to be a fair assumption. Chang acquired this business from a friend who was willing to work with Chang for the fiscal year 2003 in order to help clients accept the new owner, which further valued the purchase. It does not say that Chang will do the same for Miller, so it must be considered that Miller will have slightly more difficulty than Chang to make the clients pleased with the change. As an advisor it’s important to consider all aspects of this deal. One must consider competition, growth and value relative to industry averages when determining whether a loan seems to be achievable for Miller. It’s unclear whether predictions for 2006 given by Miller will be accepted by bank officials, but for my analysis I will assume them to be. I considered location and competition as a variable in determining whether the bank would find the loan appealing. Chang Dental is in a small town of Petrolia where population is 5,222 and only 2 other dental clinics in a 20 minute driving radius. As we all know from general economic principles, population grows over time and even at that number, it’s an average of 1740 clients per clinic. Of course, that’s a very vague and general assumption, but since Chang was able to open the clinic one more day and reach his desired operating level within...
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