Challenges in Refrigerated or Frozen Chicken Production's Business

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Competition, Saudi Arabia Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Refrigerated or frozen chicken production is a really good deal as a business. Almost everyone eats chicken, and almost no house has a fridge with no chicken inside it. But as entrepreneurs still there are challenges in having this business officially. In my essay, I’m going to mention some of the challenges I’m going to face as an entrepreneur incase I wanted this business to exist in my country Saudi Arabia, and how I might have to find substitute solutions so that my business doesn’t end up with failure like some other businesses. The first issue is that the competitors in the same market are driving the bridges; there are really big competitors in the market. And other than that is that the competitor’s affectation is less because of their production’s volume. They can product a lot in a short time and sell it with the lowest prices which grows the company really fast and makes competition a really hard thing for others that would have the same business. Another issue is that for refrigerated or frozen chicken production we should use pure natural medications instead of the chemical ones which cost a lot more of course, and because of this issue our revenues will grow less because we’ll have to spend more in expanding the volume of our quality. Other issues exist as well such as the lack of price competition which we can’t have because of the low cost in other firms, as we mentioned earlier the competitors’ production is very large which is the thing that really makes them sell their products with the least they can, so what we can do is compete in the quality by using natural medication, because our product then will be more trustable and everyone would want to buy which will be the good thing about our product. Last but not least are the license issues. The government almost never gives the license unless the conditions were required such as employ a specific number of citizens, a specific amount of investment that should be earned, and other conditions...
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