Challenge Speech

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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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‘’The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy’’, as noted by Martin Luther King. It is only through facing challenges, and overcoming them can a person feel rewarded and thus live to the fullest. By challenging yourself, you can discover where your true strengths and weaknesses lie, and you will probably find that embracing a challenge can be very rewarding. This concept is shown in the poems ‘’The Road Not Taken’’, ‘’The Widower in the country’’ by Les Murray, and my chosen text, ‘’Wonderful’’ by Gary Go.

The road not taken, by Robert Frost, conveys the concept of challenge in a symbolical and metaphorical sense. A man, the narrator, is faced with a compelling moment in life, which path to travel by, the common path, or the unconventional path? He chooses the unconventional path, the one that ‘’wanted wear’’ and later reflects on his decision as being the right one, ‘’I chose the path less travelled and that has made all the difference’’. Thus this poem challenges us the readers to take a risk, by choosing to live a more difficult but otherwise unique and rewarding life. Robert Frost engages the reader using a number of techniques, including rhyme, rhythm, the use of first person and strong usage of imagery, symbolism and of course the extended metaphor. The rhyme and rhythm of this poem is simple, including the word choices, this establishes a personal connection between the reader and the writer. The tone of the poem is very positive, in particular at the end, highlighting that the narrator is satisfied with the life he has chosen. 3.

The ‘’road not taken’’ conveys the concept of challenge using a number of techniques which create both a personal connection with a reader as well as conveying the concept of a life as a journey through the use of simple but effective metaphors and symbols. Another poem I have chosen to do is ‘’the widower in the...
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