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Topics: AIDS, Immune system, HIV Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: February 2, 2013
HIV/AIDS Introduction
I am writing my essay on a virus that is well known around the whole world known as the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and also Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). I used this medical condition due to the fact that it was interesting to learn about. I wanted to find out what causes this type of virus since it is one of the most common human epidemic in the world today especially the United States Of America. What I have learned during my investigation and research it is very knowledgable information. As I was learning how to prevent and treat humans. Most of the articles I found point to how the HIV /AIDS can change human , psychological thinking, physical and emotional behaviors and its effects.

In today’s society there is an illness that is very common. The virus is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus also known as (HIV) This virus can also lead to another disease Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus (AIDS). The Human Immunodeficiency Virus was found in 1981. Which was reconized in west Africa. When citizens started getting ill. During the 1990’s research for the illness was done. Where they found treatments to slow down the virus. It was also discovered that (HIV) could also lead to a virus called (AIDS) which was more destructive to the human central nervouse system which is also known as (CNS). In 1986 the second virus was found it was isolated in africa. In 1987 the first case of the human immunodeficiency virus 2. Was found in the United States Of America. Between 1990- 1992 approximatley 14,110 deaths were reported in the United States Of America also between that time another disease was found called the dementia. Between 1996-1998 it decreased by 10.5 cases per 1000 people. In 2007 35,962 cases were found which brought the...
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