Central Theme in Demian

Topics: Hermann Hesse, Cain and Abel, Demian Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: June 6, 2011
In Herman Hesses' novel, Demian, he constantly makes the point in having self acceptance. Self acceptance is a value that someone holds in which they are happy with who they are and it is sometimes referred to as self love. Herman illustrates his own journey through the character, Sinclair, on his conquest to obtain this value of self acceptance. Through the incidents that happen in Sinclair's life, he eventually under goes the process of being able to accept him self for who he is. Once this has happend he finds an inner harmoney that could only been reached through self acceptance.

His novel begins with a troublesome event that causes Sinclair to acquiesce and sumbit to an older kid. This causes him to lose his morals and values and caues an inner turmoil in his character. This is when two realms are pointed out veiwed by this character as "night and day". Night can be referred to as "love and strictness, model behavior and school". As night can be refereed to as the darkside which it "promised and demanded different things". Sinclair talks about how these two realms can easily overlap one another if your not careful with your actions and behavior. Growing up in a some-what put together household with religion and good education, he realizes that it is very easy to cross into the these two realms; "day and night, two different worlds". These realms are at two opposite ends in which he describes in detail how good it is to be in 'day' and how scary it is to be in 'night'. Sinclair does not like to put himself into the situation of actions that would be considered night. Although at times he does think about the actions and inherit consequences of being in the darkness he would not even attempt to participate and do such a thing.

When Sinclair meets Demian he is amazed by how mature and responsible and sophisticated he is. He is not one who conforms his beliefs with society and will tell you how he sees and thinks it. As they have just met,...
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