Center for Women in Transition

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Center for Women In Transition
Center for Women In Transition was founded in November 1997 after a group of women working in criminal justice ministries had an encounter with a group of incarcerated women. Together these women identified the basic causes for recidivism or re-offending amongst women released from prison. Center for Women in Transition was established to provide aid, mentor and advocate for women.

Their mission is to assist women in the criminal justice system in making a successful transition to their families and communities through practicing and promoting restorative justice. Center for Women in Transition offers a variety of services geared towards the success of the women. The center facilitates mentoring partnerships between the women in transition and ex-offenders and volunteers. They also advocate for women who commit nonviolent crimes to be sentenced to their mentoring program rather prison. All of the women in the program are expected to be in the program for 1 year. The women have evaluations every 3 months; these evaluations help monitor the women’s development. They are given monthly bus passes, grocery cards and clothing vouchers. Weekend passes are available to those with jobs.

The Center for Women in Transition is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The center receives money from grants, private donations, special events as well as government funding. Women 18 and older and currently incarcerated or have been released from prison no longer than 6 months are eligible to apply for the center. After the center receive an application, an interview is scheduled. Then the women are asked to discuss the crime, physical/mental health, and their motivation for change.

A social worker employed at the Center for Women in Transition role is case management. They work with women to develop support plans and action plans to help each individual undergo a successful transition. Social workers become a connection for the women to...
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