Censorships Is No Longer Relevant

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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2006 Block Test
(5) “Censorship is no longer relevant.” Explore how this is true within your country." Essay by Lynette Tan (06S77)

| | |Lynnette has a good grasp of the issues involved in the question. Responding to the phrase ‘no longer relevant’ in the | |question, she brings out clearly the trends in modern society which point to a need for freedom of expression. Her stand is | |that in spite of these trends there is a place for censorship; it contributes to our peace and security and helps perpetuate | |Singapore’s values. | |She makes reference to relevant situations in Singapore as well as many apt examples to substantiate her arguments. | |Her balanced logic and clear personal voice make this a mature and convincing essay. |

| | | |When scenes from Royston Tan’s internationally acclaimed short film “15” were cut |An interesting and effective beginning.| |before its public release in Singapore a few years ago, many people, especially those |This reference to Tan’s popular short | |in the burgeoning arts industry were outraged at the restrictions imposed on such a |film catches the reader’s attention. | |work of art. Aren’t you hampering the very industry you would like to see take flight,|The example also brings the reader to a| |some asked. Numerous similar heated discussions have since caused censorship to be an |key issue in this question – censorship| |issue at the forefront of public concern. Opponents of censorship say that given the |of the arts. | |relative level of maturity of our citizens, censorship of the arts will not do much to| | |protect our people but will only serve to hinder the development of the arts industry.| | |Others voice the concern that censorship limits our freedom of expression which is a | | |fundamental human right. However, I am inclined to believe that regardless of the |This is a very substantial | |level of maturity of a people or their political ideology, censorship will always be |introduction. It outlines concisely the| |relevant to the interests of the country, given the pervasive power of the mass media.|arguments for and against censorship in| |If left unchecked, it could undermine the security and peace of the country as well as|Singapore. (Students should not go into| |result in an erosion of moral values specific to that society. |the arguments of both sides of an issue| | |in the introduction unless they can | |Those who vehemently oppose censorship in Singapore, however, do appear to have a |express their ideas concisely.) Lynette| |basis for contention. Some feel that censorship of the arts in Singapore is |also makes a strong and clear statement| |irrelevant, given the level of education and hence relative maturity of our citizens, |of her stand. | |because we would be able to discern for ourselves what is true from what are | | |exaggerated representations of the truth. Singaporeans are by and larger relatively | | |wealthy and have been exposed to various art forms and influences throughout the years| | |due to the numerous opportunities we have in our midst such as the Singapore Arts |...
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