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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Censorship? You have to be kidding me!

Censorship is used by government and other ordinary people to basically get rid of things they don’t like and things they think harms society. Censorship puts the people who censor in control. The person who censors is almost like a dictator with all power. Censorship eludes to a fascist government where the government controls what you see and what you do and what you hear. The government basically controls you. Censorship puts all power into the hands of one person or a few people. Censorship in today’s society is unacceptable because it puts too much power in the hands of the government or whoever is censoring, it violates our first amendment rights and society would be better if censorship wasn’t allowed. Censorship puts too much power in the government. With censorship, the government controls everything you see, do, hear, etc. You’re not an individual anymore; you’re just a product of your government. Censorship hands too much power to the government who control what information people are allowed to access to. You don’t have your unwritten individual rights anymore. You have to do what the government tells you. The government tries to create a utopia through the means of censorship. It’s kind of like World War two Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union. With censorship, the power of the government is limitless. You have zero power while the government has absolute power. With censorship, the government programs everything you can and can’t do into your system.

Censorship violates our first amendment rights. The state has no business telling a person whether they can read a specific book or not, if they can watch a specific movie or not, if they can listen to a specific song or not, etc. The First Amendment doesn’t just give you the right to express ideas, there’s also a right to receive them whatever means necessary. The first amendment gives us the right to do whatever we please when it comes to this manner. You...
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