Celta Lesson Plan - Teaching Adverbs

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Lesson Plan - Adverbs

Lead in – Engage Ss and introduce topic of lesson
Read my holiday story to Ss

3 min
Stage 2
Read my holiday story again and ask Ss to listen more carefully this time to see if they can identify a word group that I have used a number of times in this passage. Ellicit from them adverbs mention that will only be looking at ly adverbs today. Put a couple of sentence on board as examples ie. Mark drives his car quickly, Sally sings beautifully ask students if they can think of other adverbs. Make a short list on board.

5 min

Stage 3
Hand out my holiday story and ask them to underline adverbs that I have used. Check with partners.
Feedback to class

5 min
Stage 4

Ask student to complete sentenances using words from box.
Check with partners.
Feedback to class.

Stage 5
Hand out article from headway book and ask Ss to find adverbs (there are 5) Check with partners and feedback to class
Using the adverbs from the text ask Ss in pairs to write their own sentence s Feeback to class


Stage 6

Role play – put Ss into2 teams. First person to play takes a card with an action on it ie. you are opening a door. They role play this to their team who has 60 seconds to guess action. If they guess correctly Ss then takes a second card with the adverb on it and does the action again but in the manner of the adverb ie you are opening the door slowly. Again the team will have 60 seconds to quess if unable to guess it will pass to the other team to see if they can guess. 1 acpoint will be awarded for the action and 1 point for the adverb.

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