Cellular Respiration Figure

Topics: Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate, Oxidative phosphorylation Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: April 6, 2013
In Class Assignment 6: Cellular Respiration

Figure 1: Glycolysis
1) Glucose is considered what type of energy?

2) What energy molecule must be used to start glycolysis?

3) Based on your answer to question 1 why do you think ATP must be used to start glycolysis?

4) How many net ATP are produced by glycolysis?

5) What is the end product of glycolysis?

Figure 2: The Krebs Cycle

6) How many pyruvates did one molecule of glucose produce?

7) Based on your answer to question 6 and Figure 2 how many times must the Krebs cycle be completed to process 1 glucose molecule?

8) What must pyruvate be converted to before it can enter the Krebs Cycle?

9) What is the waste product produced by the Krebs Cycle (we exhale it)?

10) NAD+ and FAD are both?

11) Based on your answer to question 10 what is the major goal of the Krebs Cycle?

Figure 3: Electron Transport Chain

12) What molecules are found at the beginning of the ETC and what are they donating?

13) The movements of electrons are actively transporting what into the Outer Compartment?

14) What is last thin to accept the electrons and what molecule does it produce?

15) What powers the ATP synthase and how many ATP are produced?

Figure 4: Anaerobic Respiration

16) What does aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration have in common?

17) What is the goal of Fermentation?

Discussion Questions:

18) Above is a picture of a mitochondria. What is the benefit of the inner membrane having so many folds?

19) Citrate synthase is the enzyme that converts Acetyl CoA into citrate. What would be the effect on cellular respiration, if someone was born with a defective citrate synthase?

20) New born infants and hibernating animals contain brown fat. The mitochondria in brown fat cells contain a protein called thermogenin. This protein causes the energy that would ordinarily be used for ATP synthesis to...
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