Cellphone Changed My Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cellular network Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: October 21, 2010
As I find myself thinking about technology that has transformed my life for the better or worse, I have realized that the cell phone has probably had the largest impact on my life. This technology affects my life daily, as it does many others. I believe that the cell phone has changed my life the most over any other technology in that I use it on a daily basis. The cell phone allows me to have almost instant communication to whomever I wish, which in this day and age in the world of business is a necessity seeing as patience is not something that North Americans may pride themselves with. Instant communications through voice, text and instant messaging have improved the lives of all cell phone users due to the communicative privileges they allow for planning the future, whether it be a party, a night out, or just the rest of your day.

The cellular phone has in no way made my life worse, as in my opinion I have not became cellular dependent, the entire culture and society we live in has. In the following quote stated by Victor Furkiss, I believe that technology is already controlled in terms of the cell phone seeing as society has accepted it and has began to use it as dominant source of communications; "Ecological humanism must create an economy in which economic population growth is halted, technology is controlled, and gross inequalities of income are done away with". I believe that in terms of a larger ecological issue, the population of today is dependent upon the cell phone, as a generalization. I commute from Brant ford to Oakville everyday for classes and cannot believe the amount of people I see talking on their cell phones while driving. How many times do you see people texting while walking through a grocery store or a WalMart? How often do people "Facebook" (social network) while listening to a professor's lecture, driving the highway, while at work, on a construction job site or even while cooking dinner? The answer is often. I see it as this...
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