Cell Phones and the Effect on Our Writing

Topics: Mobile phone, Instant messaging, Text messaging Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Do you know how much technology has advanced in the last 10 years? Many of these advancements have affecting our writing skills in good and bad ways. Programs such as Microsoft correct spelling and grammar mistakes; also there are social websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The technological advancement that affects our writing the most is the cell phone. Cell phones have become such a must have item that people bring them where ever they go. Although this item is popular, there are pros and cons of using cell phones; including the effect cell phones have on our writing skills. Does text messaging affect our writing skills enough to completely stop text messaging though?

Since the cell phone was first invented it has advanced more than we can imagine. These days we can speak what we want our phone to do; including writing a text message. Doctor Martin Cooper invented the modern cell phone in 1973. Of course since then the cell phone has advanced and become a necessary item in our daily lives. Text messaging on cell phones is quick and easy. Writing on a cell phone is commonly called texting. Words that are long to type out such as talk to you later is abbreviated to ttyl. Other examples include; LOL (laugh out loud), 143 (I love you), g2g (got to go), brb (be right back), b2w (back to work), and many more. Text messaging is convenient and helps friendship development. It has been found the text messaging is less intimidating to begin communicating because you have more time to think of what you are going to say and how you’ll express yourself.

Obviously since the cell phone the number of users has grown an outrageous amount. According to CBS the number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide has reached 4.6 billion and continuing to grow. The National Safety Council estimates at least 28%, or 1.6 million, of all traffic crashes per year are caused by drivers using their cell phones and/or text messaging. Yes, having a cell phone does allow quick and easy...
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