Cell Phone Use While Driving Should Be Banned Argumentative Essay

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Influence of music to influence of books these are both different patterns but they are related to human psychology. Because every one has their own concern about these things firstly influence of books generally coming to the books these are the one most of the people feel bored and automatically switch on to music and reversibly enjoy them .One more aspect is that music is the one which needs less effort and more relaxation to mind than books .But I can say that both music and books are created and and the creators are called artists. Firstly coming to influence of books these are the kind of things which are based on human psychology and these influence differ by a person to person and between different age groups .For example according to research they found that by reading books we can get more knowledge and act accordingly these influences vary generally because there are various kinds of books like wise articles ,journals ,Knowles ,research guides ,fiction books ,non fiction books, etc., and the influences also differ differ accordingly . Generally the reading of books needs more effort and strain is the first and foremost thing humans get while reading the books and by reading the the books the influence may vary because the old age groups are the one who are most interested in reading the books and has great influence to their mind because they do not have any work at that age and they sit at home leisurly and enjoy them .But whereas the adult age groups read different books and this reading of books influence their life because if they understand well and write well and present well and act accordingly they are allowed to get good jobs. By this they will set at the highest positions in various companies .The last interesting point by books is that if we read the books our communicating level , attitude, behaviour also changes .One can easily distinguish a person who is educated from the uneducated ones...
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