Cell Phone Regulation While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Tram accident, Traffic collision Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Alexander Lucas

Cell Phone Regulation While Driving
Most people now days own a cell phone. It is inevitable to go to a place and not see at least five people out of a crowd holding their cell phones looking up something from the internet or texting someone. According to the US Census Bureau of 2011, there are 311,591,917 people living in the United States. Digital marketing and design company, Steadyrain, estimate that there are about 232,000,000 people who own a mobile communication device. This is an over whelming two thirds of the country’s population who use cell phones. It is becoming more and more annoying the way people use their phones out in public or meetings. But, this is not the worst cell phone use; the worst would be using your cellphone while driving. Many people have witnessed or have had their family member involved in an accident due to cellphone use while driving. Using cellphones while driving is not just a hazard to the drivers but also, you are putting other people’s lives at risk. For instance, knocking a pedestrian who was walking down the sidewalk. There have been a number of bills that have been introduced to regulate the use of cellphones while driving but they have not really being implemented fully. Most people cannot deny that use of cell phones while driving has caused traffic deaths and injuries. About 10 Americans have confessed that they drive while talking on their cell phones. Each year there is about 1.6 billion cases of traffic accident caused by cellphone use. One study found out that drivers tend to concentrate more on listening to what the other person is saying while talking on the cellphone than actually concentrating on the road. This is also the case when using hands free device like Bluetooth since it did not really change the results. The complexity of the conversations makes our brain concentrate more on it than on other external environment thus causing inattention blindness. Distracted driving was blames...
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