Cell and Genetically Modified Organisms

Topics: Cell, Human, Science Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 12, 2013
#2) Both Winner and Joy explore the issue
of technology and control. How would you compare their two views of current technological development? Focus the comparison on a specific technology, such as genetically modified organisms.

Technology is always in need of control. You cannot have a
world that technology is in control such as the movie Terminator, where technology takes over. Just like human beings there is always a need for control. Both Winner and Joy explore this topic; Joy believes that technology poses a profound challenge to society (Brown n.d). Unfortunately this can be true or this can be false. It all depends on the person examining this aspect.

Technology is continuously evolving, which a common fact is
known to man. Just take a look at the apple iPhone. The iPhone now has Siri which can do almost exactly what a human can but go and get your coffee. When it comes to genetic, technology is advancing to a point, where as human beings we are getting close to curing every known disease whether it is from the common cold, to HIV/AIDS.

The advancements of technology has brought us to the point
we are today, and is advancing in a pace which may seem to be too fast for some people to keep up or comprehend. However we are were at because human beings have the desire to want to cure the unseen yet the killer which lies within the human body.

Winner on the other hand does not see this to be true.
Winner thinks that technology is on the right track and should be allowed to advance to improve the common everyday problems of man. I believe that Winner and Joy are on to something when they both agree that technology needs control, however Joy, is expecting more control then what is really needed.

Genetically modified organisms in my opinion are a bit
extreme, but if we have the technology to create a liver in a lab which can save the life of a man, woman or child that is dyeing, and cannot get a transplant to save them in time, then it is...
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