Celery Seed Extract

Topics: Seed, Soybean, Celery Pages: 6 (1641 words) Published: April 22, 2012
The Feasibility of Adelfa Extract as Pesticide
Vivencio C. Fuentes Jr., Razelle Angela B. Camitan, Honey Jane T. Dela Cruz ABSTRACT
The project aims to test the feasibility of extracts from the adelfa plant as pesticide. The leaves were cut from the stem and then subjected to steam bath. Soxhlet apparatus was used for extraction; methanol was used as solvent. The extract was then distilled, and diluted into 4 containers to obtain concentrations of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. There were 6 set-ups, each with 10 cockroaches, one positive control set-up, in which the group used commercial pesticide, one negative control set-up, containing water, and one each for the different concentrations of the extract. The experimental results provided evidence for a conclusion that the extract with the higher concentration killed more cockroaches. There is a significant difference between the percentage of cockroaches killed before and after the application of the adelfa extract. The adelfa extract has a significant effect on the percentage of killed cockroaches.

Celery seed Extract as active ingredient in tanning lotions
Christian John Immanuel S Boydon, Dennis C David, Gerard Paul T Dela Cruz ABSTRACT
A tanning lotion with celery seed extract as active ingredient was concocted in order to find out if it could be an effective but less expensive substitute to commercial tanning lotions. Celery seeds were bought from AMSA Seed company and extract was obtained using soxhlet extraction technique. Sesame oil, coconut oil, an emulsifier and the celery seed extract were then mixed together, before adding distilled water and lanolin.

The lotion was initially tested on the upper arm area to check for any allergic reaction or irritation on the skin. The comparative testing for color change included using no tanning lotion, using the celery seed extract tanning lotion, and using the commercial tanning lotion on three human test subjects of different phototypes. All three test subjects were directly exposed to sunlight from 3:00 PM to 4:00 daily for 15 days.

The initial testing did not show any allergic reaction or skin irritation for any of the three test subjects. Quantitative results of the comparative testing were obtained by taking twenty random pixels from each digital picture and assessing their value using the CIE L*a*b. The commercial tanning lotion had the most change in color for all of the three subjects, while the celery seed tanning lotion had the darkest color change for all three subjects.

The experiment showed that celery seed extract may be used an active ingredient in tanning lotions which may serve as a cheaper and safer alternative to commercial tanning lotions.

Development of Herbal Tea from Crude Extract of Camote
(Ipomoea batatas) Tops and Gladiola
Mia Frances R. Agcaoili, Christmas Joy B. Astronomo, Ma. Andrea D. Palma ABSTRACT
Camote tops have a high content of polyphenolics, which showed physiological functions that may protect the body from chronic diseases including heart ailments and cancer.
Aging means that atrophic changes affect many organs as well as decrease in the function of many systems due to a slowing of the metabolism. Aging leads to immune system decline, heart and kidney ailments and cancer. The tea would be made from the crude extract of camote tops and gladiola petals. Crude extract is obtained from boiling camote tops. The crude extract exerts various physiological functions including antioxidative activity and sugar and fat absorption.

Three set-ups were made, varying the concentration between camote crude extract and galdiola extracts. Set-up A has a concentration of 1:1, setup B with 2:1, and set-up C with 3:1. The control variables were the 800ml of water, where the camote tops were boiled, and the 250ml of gladiola petals extract. Both extracts gathered from the camote tops and the gladiola were mixed together to produce...
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