Celebrity Worship

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  • Published : March 13, 2005
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Daniel Espinoza
Psy 260
Dec. 1, 2003

Everyone has an entertainer that we follow and like, but when does that like of a person become more than that. Is it possible for a person to become obsessed with an individual you don't even know? Unfortunately it is, according to an article entitled: A cognitive profile of individuals who tend to worship celebrities, celebrity worship is a form of parasocial interaction in which individuals become obsessed with 1 or more celebrities. This obsession is similar to an erotomanic type of delusional disorder in which the individual believes that another person is passionately in love with them. A group of psychologist wanted to determine if this obsession/worship of celebrities had any common characteristics amongst the individuals. They conducted several test: celebrity attitude scale, intense-personal, and 6 cognitive measures. At the end of these tests they found that people with higher cognitive functioning are better at realizing reality then those with lower functioning.

I thought that this group of psychologist that conducted this study did a very good job of randomizing the test to minimize the probability of a systematic order effect. As well as making sure that the groups were well divided and used several measures to arrive to their conclusion. Although a sample size of 102 people was used for the testing the group wasn't chosen by random selection. Also the group itself wasn't evenly distributed; it contained 81 men with only 21 women. I don't really understand how they concluded with there test that lower cognitive function was a common trait of celerity worshipers. This statement is too generalized for me; it covers a very large range of people of which not all show obsessive behaviors.

This study was executed in a good manner but I believe that if they would have increased their selection group (not just a particular group of students) and also balanced out the group sexually them more...
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