Cdp of Aurangabad City Maharashtra

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Prior to the municipal corporation, Aurangabad was ‘A class’ municipal council having area about 54.4sq. km. upto 1982.after formation of municipal corporation in 1982 additional 18 villages have been attached to the city and area under the corporation increased to 138.50 With increase in area and population necessity to plan the city well and organized manner development plan was prepared by government and later on it is revised in 1991 as per town planning act 1996.Known as city development plan of Aurangabad. A Master plan is nothing but City development plan, when City development plan is used to develop mega cities it is called as Master Plan. City Development Plan (CDP) is both a perspective and a vision for the future development of a city. It presents the current stage of the city’s development. It sets out the directions of change, it identifies the thrust areas, and it also suggests alternative routes, strategies, interventions for bringing about the change. What changes do we make in order to attain the vision? It provides a framework and vision within which projects need to be identified and implemented. It establishes a logical and consistent framework for evaluation of investment decisions. Aurangabad has a long and proud historical past and prosperous future too. There is now an opportunity to set example of the determined joint effort on the part of the planning authority, other authorities , organizations and individual residents the people’s representative to ensure full implementation of the Development Plan and to assure the citizens the benefits of planned and healthy environment in the shorter period as possible.

History of Aurangabad:
Aurangabad city is founded by great past Malik Amber and prime minister of Nazim Shaha of Ahmednagar, In 1610AD . on site of village ‘khirki’ the ancient name of Aurangabad was Khirki because it served as opening between north and south Indian culture. Aurangabad was known by different names, as time passes its name goes on changing as like it is known as ‘Fatehnagar’ in 1626. And finally Aurangjeb who was the viceroy of Deccan appointed Fatehnagar as Aurangabad in 1653. Aurangabad has got strong historical significance in the form of various historically important places such as “Bibika Maqbara”, “Panchakki”, Ajanta, and Ellora. Auranagabd was the ‘Subhedari head quarter’ after deciding the states in ancient time. the importance of the city increases with the passage of time. From 1961 to 1981 is known as the peak period for the development of the Aurangabad city as various important offices such as High court, CIDCO, MIDC took their places in Aurangabad and started to attract the population by giving urban facilities to the citizens. As like MIDC area at Chikalthana and Waluj attracted various industries to start their plants by offering various schemes to them.also the work force coming to work in industries comes Aurangabad to stay therefore the state government appointed CIDCO as a special planning authority to undertake the planned and developing Aurangabad. Planning of Aurangabad

The statutory powers regarding Planning were embodied under the Bombay Town Planning Act-1915, which was enforce till its replacement by the Bombay Town Planning Act,1954.The act of 1954 generally incorporated the provisions of Bombay Town Planning Act,1915 and in addition, made it obligatory on every local authority to prepare a development plan for the entire area within its Jurisdiction. The Bombay Town Planning Act.1954 applied to lands within the municipal limits only and, therefore there were no provisions for exercising proper and effective control over the Planning and development of lands in peripheral areas outside the municipal areas which were growing in an irregular and haphazard manner. There was no statutory power under the Act of 1954 for preparation of regional plans which has, therefore, been repealed and replaced...
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