Cd Will Be Lost

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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By Ibnu Dian – 1401089592

For more than two decades, most Indonesian people buy CD to listen into their favorite music. People still like to collect the physical artifact of the artist, until the Internet, MP3s, piracy, iTunes, Napster, YouTube and kicked in over the past 10 years. The problem lies on CD sales has devastated by Digital music, leaving an industry in decline. Is CD too expensive? Does people prefer to get music illegally more rather than the one in the official store? Is there lack of good Indonesian artist and entertainment that worth to be purchased? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What people must understand is that despite the fact that so many record companies in Indonesia starts to change their concern into digital media, CD sales and production should still be promoted and supported. Some people might opt to buy music in CD form rather than digital, preferring tangibility of being able to grasp something professionally packaged with interesting liner notes, photos, track listing, etc. People do not buy CDs because they claim that CD prices are expensive. When a topic such as this one has broad amount of variables it is impossible to simply link to only the price of the CD. In the one of the article by, correspondent Melanie Subono, the author of Liason Office Forever states, “CDs prices are too expensive” (Subono, 2011). The simple statement that CDs are the expensive product is absurd. Can we say the price of Digital Music is cheaper than the price of CD? Actually, Digital and CD are not too different in term of price. In iTunes, the average price of an Indonesian album is Rp.45.000, with just getting on track digitally (iTunes, 2013), whereas in CD shops or fast food restaurants that sells CD located in shopping malls, it costs only Rp.40.000 per CD (Farid, 2012), includes an interesting booklets and case already. Therefore, with...
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