Cctv Installation in School

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“Installation Of Cctv Camera in Rizal Technological University” B. PROPONENTS:
Paulo Villanueva is a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering student and a current DOST scholar in RTU. He is the encoder and the one who will lead this group to have a good formal report in installation of CCTV camera in RTU. Here are the other members of this group. Neil Villanueva also a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering student and he is the one who’s responsible to search for the needed floor plans in each building in RTU. John Eric Yet, a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering Student having a background with gadgets and technology he was assigned to gather data all about the disadvantage and advantages of having a CCTV Camera and educational institution and its manpower. Joseph Henry J. Violan also a Engineering Students he is also the encoder and the one who’s assigned to search what schools or university that implements CCTV camera in their own campus and facilities. C. UNIT/ OFFICE:

College of Engineering and Industrial Technology ( CEIT )
ITC Building, Rizal Technological University, Boni street, Mandaluyong city. E. PROJECT DURATION:
August-October 2012
INSTALLATION OF CCTVThree hundred thirty two thousands two hundred twenty three. (P332,223.00)

In past few years, there’s been an idea of having CCTV cameras in secondary and tertiary schools. It is for the reason that the cause circuit television will help the schools and university to lessen the crime such like thief, bullying, vandalism and lot more. But there was a debate about this implementation. some says that it will affect our academic freedom.

This proposal will help to answer the argument, about this controversial closed circuit television, its advantage and disadvantage, its cost and all of the aspect that we can encounter about CCTV implementation. Nevertheless, this proposal just want to help student and the university for a better education in the Philippines. This project proposal will need more than three hundred thousand pesos to accomplish.

3| Standalone DVR Qube D3214CU |
32 channels high performance standalone DVR| P 30,999.00| P 92,997.00| 74| Camera QUBE-V2434 - 2.8mm| Indoor dome Sony (200% better than other chipset) 1/3" 2.8mm 420TVL Aluminum case| P 1,600.00| P 118,400.00| 4| Qube 42" 1080P FULL HD LED Internet TV| (Smart TV)| P 22,999.00| P 91,996.00| 5| Siamese Cable 30 Meter| 30 meter cable wire| P 450.00| P 2,250.00| 4| Western Digital AV 3TB 7200RPM Hard Drive SATA3| Specially Designed for CCTV| P 5,200.00| P 20,800.00| 4| Aopen Slim DVD-RW Pure Alluminum External Drive| | P 1,450.00| P 5,800.00|


It is important for every educational institution to provide security throughout its place which maintains the safety for every person in it. A school with quality, affordability and security will always be an educational institution desired by each student. Safety of the students will always be an educational institution‘s first goal which means providing school guards, school gate, well-built buildings, and CCTV Cameras if possible.

This proposal has its goal to promote and upgrade the security of the Rizal Technological University with the help of installation of CCTV Cameras inside the classrooms and alongside the corridors if needed at the said educational institution. We believe that this project sure costs a lot but we also ensure that this proposal brought a lot of advantages as well. Students in an educational institution having these components will surely be satisfied with the service the school is providing. Security cameras in schools minimize violent acts and vandalisms. Parents are more assures once...
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