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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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A local Melbournian, Jill Meagher was attacked and murdered at Sydney Street last year. The footage of the attack was caught on the CCTV in a bridal store. This issue has alarmed the society about the increasing rate of attacks happening around the community, especially towards women and whether if having CCTV around the streets would keep everyone safe from attacks. “Cameras’ eye on the streets is little more than pie in the sky” published on The Age, October the 6th 2012 was an opinion piece written in an authoritative, logical and confident tone by James Martin, a criminologist. He declares that “CCTV is not necessarily the answer to making our streets safer” and instead of wasting money on these technological devices that is sometimes “powerless”, the government should figure out a solution that will solve the root of the problem. In contrast, an editorial by an unknown writer “Watching out for each other” published Herald Sun, October the 5th 2012 asserts that there should be more CCTV devices on the streets because CCTVs help the community to “watch out for each other” in an emotive, dramatic and concerned tone. Accompanying these two articles, a cartoon by Mark Knight emphasises the important use of a CCTV around the community through his expression of his drawings. “Cameras’ eye on the streets is little more than pie in the sky” the use of this saying aims to highlight his point of view to his readers by making them feel that these CCTVs are useless and unnecessary. Martin also uses inclusive language throughout his article to intend to engage with his readers. Martin’s use of sentences like “….making OUR streets safer” , “We should consider…” and “…preventing crimes that disturb us the most…”will have an impact on his readers by making himself a part of the community, and shows that the writer himself cares just as much just everyone else does. This also invites his readers to be included to his side of the argument. Using a formal, knowledgeable...
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