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Caroline Chase
APUSH Words to Know
Test 4

Manifest Destiny, the 1850’s, The Civil War & Reconstruction
Manifest Destiny & the 1850’s

What is “manifest destiny”? :
Manifest destiny is Americans thinking they’re the shit and can tear down anyone who stands in their way (Mexico, British in Oregon Country, and Southwest) Land=crack and they are never satisfied.

Manifest destiny means that the U.S was entitled to land by GOD

Battle of the Alamo/Lone Stare State:
Battle with no survivors taking place in San Antonio, TX after Mexico welcoming American settlement, (southerners and their slaves took advantage of this), then they got comfy and the US tried to buy TX and Mexico refused twice. Mexico welcomed us in but we are still foreigners and we are spoiled brats and we don’t want to except that, so Americans decide they want a republic in Mexico and battle and of course everyone dies. Then TX requests to become a state and US says no and TX succeeds from Mexico without being accepted into the US yet, which is how it got its name as the Lone Star State

Election of 1844:
Clay (W) vs. Polk (D)
Clay would only annex TX if Mexico agreed (respectful)
Polk was the aggressive “Young Hickory” and wasn’t so respectful...”54 40 or fight!” and we’re America so of course we voted Polk
The main focus was land, and he accomplished everything he set out to do. We are focusing in on one place in particular (CA)

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:
Agreement after the Mexican War that the US got the Rio Grande border, CA, and all land in between (Mexican Cession), and paid Mexico 15 million.

Sutter’s Mill, CA:
Gold was found, which led to the gold rush in CA; economy

acquisition of Oregon:
After disputing with the British, the US asks for the Oregon Country and they compromise: they each get 50/50 and extended the 49th parallel to the Pacific Ocean

Mexican War:
Aka Mr. Polk’s war because he was an instigator
the Mexican-US border was the Neuce’s River (Mexican point of view) border from US point of view was the Rio Grande (150 mile difference) Polk sent troops to Neuce’s river so they were in disputed land rather than a definite border which would be seen as an attack. He send John Slidell to Mexico and offered to buy the Rio Grande border for 30 million and all land in between, Mexico says NO and Polk declares war. Then Thoreau starts whining about society in his “Civil Disobedience”. Go home Thoreau There is some public resistance, and Abe Lincoln challenges Polk asking if it is REALLY legal or fair. The war was expensive and resulted in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Gadsden Purchase:
Last chunk of land acquired in Manifest Destiny (1853)
Jefferson Davis proposed building a transcontinental RR (he is going to become the president of the confederacy) The land in question is Southern Arizona and we dropped 10 million for it

Wilmot Proviso:
Proposed law that all land acquired from Mexico would be free. it passed in the house but failed in the senate

Popular Sovereignty:
1848, let the people in the territories decide on the free/slave status of the future slaves; this was a great ideal, but very problematic in reality.

Compromise of 1850 (big band aid!):
The admission of California into the Union brings much dispute. Here were the circumstances: 1. CA wanted to be free (but then slave/free states wouldn’t be equally balanced) 2. South was concerned about getting squished so the compromise said that CA would be free 2. Mexican Cession was divided into Utah and New Mexico TERRITORIES (popular sovereignty would take effect) 3. TX shrunk & paid 10 million $ (pre-annexation debt)

4. Slave trade outlawed in Washington D.C (don’t be fooled, slavery was still legal and present, just not the public trading of them so that we could polish our public image. (This is the capital)

Fugitive Slave Law:
Part of the compromise of 1850 that required the authorities in the North to...
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