Causes of the War on Terror

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  • Published: November 2, 2008
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It is hard to grasp the idea that something so holy and pure could cause so much death and destruction. Religious perceptions and values have resulted in terrorist activity. From the oppression of religious beliefs stems the formation of terrorist sects that carry out acts of terror against pro-western nations. The terrorist that the United States mainly focus on are the groups in the Middle East. The Islamic revolutionary regime in Iran has inspired groups of Islamic extreme fundamentalists. These fundamentalists are ready to wage Jihad against their enemies. Jihad is the Muslim form of warfare that focuses on a persons inner struggle. This type of force is supposed to be used to improve one’s self or society. With the west influencing much of the world it seems as though people in the Muslim community feel oppressed and will carry out Jihad in the name of their GOD, to purify “their world”. Each sect has a state sponsor which helps to fund and support the terrorist activity. The main sponsors of terrorism are Iran, Syria, Iraq and Libya. However, terrorism goes beyond groups and state sponsors. Their exists freelance groups that do not act under a sponsor or political organization. They carry out their terrorist activities for their own reasons, all inspired by the Islamic fundamentalists movement. The sole aim of terrorism is to eliminate the threat of western influence and to set up Islamic republics in the place of pro-western Arab nations. In order to battle this kind of evil we must deeply focus on the causes and try to eliminate the problem from the ground up. To one person crashing a plane into the world trade centers would be devastating to another person it would be the accomplishment of a life-time. Our world must have taken a drastic turn if someone can rationalize the killing of thousands of innocent people. Islamic extreme fundamentalism stemmed from the Islamic regime in Iran. The leader of terrorism would seem to be Osama bin Ladin. The followers of these extreme Islamic fundamentalists look to bin Ladin in order to properly target their enemy. The leader decides who the enemy is by the sole notion that they are an enemy of GOD. “Fundamentalism refers to a "deep and totalistic commitment" to a belief in, and strict adherence to a set of basic principles (often religious in nature), a reaction to perceived doctrinal compromises with modern social and political life”( The ideals these people carry are so strong that it forces them to suicide. The reason that the terrorist resort to suicide is because they have such a strong connection to their religion. I believe that the message of terrorism cannot be disputed, however it is the way they are going about portraying their message that is wrong. It is said that fundamentalism is a reaction to compromise between modern social and political life. In today’s era the people who want their voices heard are yelling. Their reaction to western civilization’s oppression and dependence on the Middle East has been drastic. It seem as though two opposite worlds collided and now we are at war. Terrorist are fighting for a cause, their faith, and faith is a very power tool. They truly believe the greatest achievement would be to die in the name of Allah. That if they died in the name if their God they would be rewarded greatly in heaven. “The concept of Holy War or Jihad comes right from of the heart of extremist Muslims who base their beliefs on the Koran. The idea of receiving rewards in heaven for those who kill an enemy of God comes from a legend of a Shiite leader, Hassan-Ben-Sabah”( These participants are not coerced into these actions they voluntarily and willing commit these brutal attacks. However, to add to a terrorists willingness to commit this type of act I believe that the state sponsorship plays just a crucial role as the faith aspect. Without the sponsorship of these countries I do not think that terrorist groups...
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