Causes of High School Dropouts

Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Causes of High School Dropouts:
High school dropouts of today’s generation are very alarming and disappointing to see the amount of teens that have made the ultimate decision to give up. Teenagers suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, pregnancy or financial problems are very likely to drop out. These all lead students into believing there is no reason to try any longer. Dropping out of high school is a negative decision, but can be prevented very easily. Bad decision making on teens parts cause drop outs in many cases. Some students drop out due to an engagement with addictive drugs. This leads to a downfall in health related aspects of life, as well as emotional aspects. Teens who suffer from alcoholism also drop out because of their emotional problems brought about by drinking alcohol. Teenage girls face the pressure in a relationship of sexual activity. What most teens don’t understand is what can come of making a bad decision once. Becoming pregnant, especially as a teen, is a life changing experience and is very likely to cause girls to drop out. Also, teenage boys may feel the need to drop out and get a job to help support his child.

Students suffering from financial problems often drop out in order to get a job and help support their family. Teens whose families are suffering financially usually have at least one parent who did not do well in school, or not complete school. Growing up with this kind of influence and pressure, even as a teen, to make money and help out with the family, causes stress and is likely to cause dropouts.

All of these factors and many more, can contribute to an increase in high school dropouts. While teachers and school systems do their best to try and keep all students in school, there are always the factors causing a teenager to feel like giving up. Living in a society with so many people not trying, may cause students to feel that it is normal. As an influence on other teens, high school students that...
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