Causes: Nutrition and Expression Couch Potato

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Why do people Overeat?

The obesity is becoming one of the biggest problems in the developed world. The question is why do people tend to overeat? There are a lot of factors that make the obesity issue on a front page of many newspapers and magazines than ever before. This problem touches adult as well as young population. Some research shows that overeating is caused by several factors like stress, boredom, and also very easy access to food.

According to the scientists the number one is a stress or an anxiety. What do you think that a lot of people do in these days, when they face frustration or stress? They eat more. Eating gives people a feeling satisfaction and comfort, and from that they get a feeling of having life situations under control. This state of satiation may act as distraction from the problem they want to avoid. This problem affects mainly the USA and Europe.

The second factor of overeating may be caused by boredom. Sometimes people eat because they have nothing to do. It is very easy to turn on the TV, take a lot of snacks, lie down on a couch and watch TV. That is why we have expression couch potato. I think that the eating is a form of entertainment for many people. What a habit! According to my opinion, population has become lazier and than ever.

And last but not least, is very easy access to food than before. Just imagine how many opportunities you have “let us say” on your walk to get something to eat. In addition, on every corner is a store with food and also there are a lot of fast-food restaurants, we all know McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and many others that attract people to cheap, and easy to get food. Sometimes when we are busy and we have lack of time, it leads us to eat in fast-food restaurants, where the food is less nutritious, which is important for our health.

In conclusion, I believe that the above factors are very important causes for overeating. That includes: easy access to food, boredom, stress and not to...
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